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Features of Digital Business Card

  • No need of Printed Card & it helps to prevent from disease like COVID-19.
  • Share unlimited times to unlimited contacts.
  • Share your digital business card via sharing Link or QR code or both.
  • Share Your online visiting card via SMS, Facebook also.
  • You can save the QR code to your device & scan it when you need it.
  • Dial number, or do WhatsApp Chat without saving number in mobile.
  • Budget-friendly in comparison with printed cards.
  • Social Media Accounts integration.
  • it works like a Mini Website for your website too.
  • Make an impression to your clients.

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Business Impression

About Us

CARDSS.IN is a product of a renowned brand GFXRIDER.COM which is an experienced and creative services provider in the Web Development industry.

CARDSS.IN is an effort of GFXRIDER.COM to help people make their appearance on the internet with no high cost and expenses, hence we are providing Digital Business Card services at an affordable price in India.

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Business Impression
Business Impression

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Digital Visiting Card
Online Visiting Card Maker
Online Business Card Maker

A Digital Visiting/Business card is the online representation of a physical business card. Digital visiting cards are the next big thing in the modernization of the commercial sectors.

It is not just a business card even it works like your mini website as it will have the information of your services or products. We GFXRIDER the Digital Business Card Maker provides you the digital visiting card at very nominal prices. Many other digital card makers or companies are claiming card for free, but in this world nothing comes in free. They will charge you but indirectly. But we are not giving it in free, we are charging but at very nominal prices which you even can’t imagine and along with your custom URL. Let’s have your Digital Business Card now!

We do not share or sell any personal information to any third party to make your privacy safe & secure.

We strictly follow the privacy rules and for this we don’t share your (received from from) information to any unauthorized person within the organization as well.